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The scent of spring

March is drawing to a close and Spring is just around the corner: the days are getting longer, the Spring flowers are blooming, and the scents that were put tu sleep by the winter are coming back. It’s a good time to start off on the right foot and renew yourself. Here is a short […]

5 must-see places to explore in France

In recent years, various border closures and restrictions have made us realise that France is full of breathtaking scenery and that you don’t have to travel for hours to see new landscapes. In this month of romantic getaways, we suggest five places to explore in France. La presqu’île de Crozon The Crozon peninsula is located […]

Femme avec enfant sur une plage en été

Can you take your children on a road trip? How to give them a taste for travel ?

Time for ourselves and for our children is the most precious thing in our lives. Busy with our professional careers and other demands, we don’t want to miss out on the essential: being close to our children, getting to know them and creating strong bonds. At TipTop Europe, we believe that family getaways are a […]

January’s good resolutions: reconciling escape and sobriety

Time for discovery never ends écrivait Colette.  Taste for the elsewhere, for the unknown, for everything that takes you out of yourself in order to come back to yourself. The desire to be surprised, to lose oneself in order to better rediscover oneself. How, however, can we reconcile this need to escape routine and go […]

Off Road made easy with TipTop mini caravans

Sand, pebbles, mountains, dirt roads, our TipTop mini off-road caravans adapt to all natural terrains, including improved off-road capabilities such as ride height and obstacle clearance. With the XT Original you can go beyond your limits! TipTop mini caravans have the advantage of being versatile and easy to manoeuvre thanks to the independent air suspension system […]

Autumn is the ideal season for walks in the forest!

The days are shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the trees are slowly losing their leaves. It’s official: autumn is here! And to prepare your next outings with your TipTop, we have chosen the theme of the forest, perfectly suited to this season! The activities are numerous: a simple walk, picking mushrooms or chestnuts, collecting […]

Take a look behind the scenes of our photo shoot !

In September, the TipTop mini-caravans were in their best shape… And for good reason, they were the stars of Charles TIGER’s lens for 3 days! (TIGER Productions) On the agenda : photos and videos from all angles and in various magnificent landscapes of our beloved Brittany. This photo shoot will allow us to show you […]

By TipTop and by bike!

The TipTop is not only a mini-caravan with a sleeping area and kitchen, but also a bike carrier, which is available as an option in the Original, or the load space in the Evolution. With this newfound simplicity, all that’s left to do is enjoy and discover the beautiful countryside !  Here are some ideas […]


Going to the mountains with your TipTop? Nothing could be more appropriate!  In summer, the mountains offer a wide range of activities: hiking, summer sledging, mountain biking, canyoning, golf, etc. Whatever you want to do, there will always be a TipTop to suit you. The TipTop Evolution is perfect for transporting bulky equipment and keeping […]

Robert and the benefits of his TipTop teardrop

My TIPTOP? As it is easy to park and easy to maneuver, it is always ready to make trips wherever I want to go to discover (or rediscover) new horizons. In my TipTop, the bed is always ready, and it permanently contains everything necessary for cooking. Just load just before departure the water reserve and […]