Autumn is the ideal season for walks in the forest!

The days are shorter, the temperatures are dropping and the trees are slowly losing their leaves. It’s official: autumn is here!

And to prepare your next outings with your TipTop, we have chosen the theme of the forest, perfectly suited to this season! The activities are numerous: a simple walk, picking mushrooms or chestnuts, collecting pretty autumn-coloured leaves to create a beautiful herbarium, etc.  No doubt you will find something to keep you busy!

Here is a selection of forests to walk in France :

-Paimpont forest, in Brittany

Located in Brittany, it is also known as the forest of Broceliande. An enchanted forest, home to Arthurian legends, you can find several symbolic sites such as Merlin’s tomb or the Fountain of Youth. The Excalibur sword will be waiting for you on its rock near the Lake of Tremelin. The site offers several hiking trails, something to delight young and old alike!

-Boscodon forest, in the Hautes-Alpes

The forest of Boscodon is located near the lake of Serre-Ponçon. It is a forest of fir trees whose wood is renowned for its quality. It is made up of numerous paths on which you can find belvederes with spectacular views, including the one at Bragousse.

-Fontainebleau forest, close to Paris

Located in Seine et Marne, it is the second largest state-owned forest in France. It has been awarded the “exceptional forest” label by the ONF (Office National des Forêts). Several hiking trails are available, whether on horseback, by bike or on foot!

The autumn season allows us to discover the most beautiful colours of the trees: flamboyant red, warm yellow or bright orange. This season reveals nature at its best and then lets it rest for the winter. So let’s make the most of it!

Do you know what the differences are between chestnuts and marrons?

Marrons are not edible, although the term is used in the culinary world! They are even poisonous.

The marron consists of a single fruit in its bogue, whereas the chestnut has several (usually three or four).

the marron is rounder than chestnut

Generally, marrons can be found in cities, whereas sweet chestnuts are found in the woods.

What mushrooms to pick ?

Early autumn is the ideal time to pick ceps or horn of plenty. You can also find, among other things, parasol mushrooms (also known as high lepidopteris) or gassy webcaps. We advise you to find out more about mushroom picking. Some species can easily be mistaken for inedible varieties.