A TipTop is a Teardrop, or mini-caravan, which originated in the USA. Very popular in the 1930s to the 1950s, they have become fashionable again in recent years. The shape is reminiscent of a teardrop, hence the name. It is also called a teardrop trailer or teardrop camper trailer, in other words a camping trailer.

The cabin can be used for sleeping or storing equipment, with a fixed or removable kitchen area at the back.

TipTop Europe focuses on authentic aesthetics and quality. You will find both technical and user-friendly features. Our mini-caravans are modular and expandable!


  • Neo-retro with an unusual teardrop look and design, with 3 rear lights on each side, 3 stripes on the body.
  • Two lateral doors and a tailgate giving access to the kitchen or storage space.
  • Of impeccable quality: Fine, robust materials are used with great care: aluminium frame with pneumatic suspensions, 4 stabilising feet, wooden furniture.
  • Light, compact and practical mini caravan: less than two metres high and less than 900kg, easily manoeuvrable, 60 litre clean water and 30L used water tanks, electrical system.
  • Made-to-measure, designed in Brittany and made in France near Le Mans.
  • Meets current European standards.

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Our TipTop Trailer range consists of two models with a neo-retro design: the Original and the Evolution.

The Original, with fixed bed and integrated kitchen, is ideal for adventure enthusiasts who want optimal comfort with many innovations, while the Evolution will allow you to benefit from a generous and adaptable space.

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The TipTop Original mini-caravan is the turnkey model with integrated kitchen and bedroom that allows you to make the most of your getaways.

TipTop Evolutoin

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With a generous space and a variety of possible layouts, our Evolution model offers you unbeatable flexibility.