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Available in France.
What is the difference between your two mini-caravan models Evolution and Original?

The Original model is a mini-caravan with maximum comfort thanks to its cabin converted into a bedroom and its integrated kitchen, while the Evolution model offers unequalled modularity thanks to its volume of 5.2m3 and the various layout kit.

What is the GVWR (Gross Vehicle Weight Rating) of your mini-caravans?

The Evolution model has a maximum weight of 750kg while the Original model has a maximum weight of 900kg. The GVWR can be changed to suit your use.

What licence is needed to tow a TipTop?

To answer this question, you need to add the GVW of your towing vehicle to that of your mini-caravan.
If the total is less than 3500kg, your B licence is sufficient.
If the total is between 3501 and 4250kg, you must follow a B96 training course in addition to your B licence (a one-day course in France).
If the total is over 4251kg, you need a BE licence (in France).

Do I need a vehicle registration document?

Yes, all trailers over 500kg must be registered.

Is a technical inspection necessary ?

No, as the vehicle is not motorised, no technical inspection is required.

Which car to tow a TipTop?

The vehicle to be towed must have an approved towing weight (mentioned on the vehicle registration document); most vehicles can tow a TipTop.

Which carriage to choose?

You must equip your vehicle with a towball positioned at least 40cm high with a 13-pin socket to be able to benefit from all the functions provided (recharging the battery while driving, etc.)

Do I need insurance for my TipTop?

Insurance is compulsory for your TipTop. The mini-caravan is considered a vehicle in its own right, and the insurance will depend on its weight and use. The Insurance Code requires at least a “civil liability” insurance, even if your caravan stays in the garage all year round.
Depending on its GVW, your caravan will require different insurance:
If the GVWR is less than 750 kg (Evolution RT or GT without roof tent), the caravan will be covered by your car insurance .
For a GVW of more than 750kg (Original, Evolution XT or other finish with a roof tent), your caravan insurance will be independent of your car insurance.

Where to see a TipTop ?

Several possibilities :
– At our head office: La Gacilly (56)
– In our production plant: Le Mans (72)
– At a trade fair (don’t hesitate to follow us on social networks to see the next trade fairs)
– At one of our ambassadors