Who are we ?

Our job

TipTop is a range of mini-caravans, designed in France, with all the time and expertise necessary to make them a mean of escape, with optimised design and comfort.

Our values

We stand for a simpler lifestyle that respects the planet. We are joining in the quest for sustainable happiness based on freedom, closeness to nature and authenticity of relationships.

TipTop reinvents responsible outdoor adventure. We offer unique experiences and products to all enthusiasts in search of meaning and freedom.

We are building this brand around a committed community based on values of sharing and empathy.

Our vision

The lack of focus on the essential is the major factor that prevents us from achieving what is important to us. Short term, speed, frenzy of the instantaneous, never has this overheated society had its nose to the grindstone so much! We swallow our meals on the go, we talk fast, we no longer take the time.

TipTop, it’s a desire shared by a whole community: to take the time to do things right and to stop being rushed. To refocus on what really matters in our lives and allows us to move forward.

Our ambition

To become the reference brand of French Teardrop.

“By choosing a TipTop mini-caravan, I can take a break from the monotony of my daily life. I choose to refocus on what is essential to move forward. I prefer simplicity without sacrificing my comfort ! “

A dynamic and highly professional team is at your service at TipTop ! Discover below the members of this team who are at your disposal to provide you with information and to help you realise your TipTop project.

Alain, CEO and founder of TipTop Europe Company

He is the inventor of the TipTop concept ! Ingenious and passionate, Alain is always looking for the best for you ; he is constantly inventive. He knows the product inside out. He is the chief strategy officer and visionary.

His greatest achievement : riding an ostrich over 100m!

Pierre, Development technician and service manager

He is the man who came out of the blue as a great asset to the company ! He is in charge of manufacturing, order tracking and product development as well as managing orders and accessories. He is very practical and has a great eye for detail.

His greatest success : having built his own ecological habitat (yurt) with his partner.

Quentin, Sales manager

He is the other man who came out of the blue as a great asset to the company, this time for the commercial side ! He is the one who takes charge of the commercial development both at national and international level. He will contact you, answer your questions and prepare proposals tailored to your needs so that you have everything you need, no more, no less, and always with a smile.

His greatest success : reaching the regional final a French board game while still at school.

Cécile, management assistant

Depuis le début de l’histoire de TipTop Europe, Cécile s’occupe de diverses tâches administratives et concrètes de l’entreprise tout en prenant soin de nous tous. Elle fait aussi partie de l’équipe sur les salons où, là aussi, elle veille au bon déroulement de l’événement et au confort de chacun (collègues et clients). 

Her greatest achievement : As a French woman, teaching German grammar to American students at a university in Oklahoma State, USA.

Théo, designer

He was a trainee at TipTop Europe as a “mobility transport” designer and joined the team while continuing to actively participate in the development of the new range. He is also a creative person with a passion for old cars and machinery !

His greatest success : the successful restoration of his classic car, a process that took 3 years !

Fanny, administrative assistant

She started 2 days a week and will soon be working with us for 3 days. Her efficiency, speed and professionalism have made her almost indispensable to the administrative running of the company.

Her greatest success : making her own handbag in imitation leather and coated cotton !