Can you take your children on a road trip? How to give them a taste for travel ?

Time for ourselves and for our children is the most precious thing in our lives. Busy with our professional careers and other demands, we don’t want to miss out on the essential: being close to our children, getting to know them and creating strong bonds. At TipTop Europe, we believe that family getaways are a great way to reconnect with each other. That’s why we’ve designed minicaravans, the allies of travelling tribes, to take off at any time.

Getting away to better find each other.

A road trip is an adventure because it opens the doors to the unexpected and the unknown. This freedom, which takes us out of our daily lives, gives us more strength and intensity at every moment. The beauty of nature awakens our senses and we become more receptive and attentive to everything around us. Contemplating the stars, admiring a sunset, observing the animals, through these simple and forgotten joys, we reconnect with our true being. This is what makes these family moments unforgettable.

Taking the time to visit a region, exploring natural parks or simply playing together as a family creates common memories, complicity and therefore stronger bonds. That’s why our mini-caravans have been designed to offer you maximum comfort in mobility.

The interior is cleverly designed to provide as much storage space as possible. Lighted corner shelves, blackout blinds and mosquito nets, a compact fridge, a mattress with a box spring, reading lights… all details that really count.
In the middle of nature, the immensity is our only horizon, which is why we thought of investing these spaces. The well-equipped kitchen is outside, so as not to encroach on the bedroom. An inflatable awning allows us to create a sheltered place for all the moments of life. Our mini-caravans have been designed to provide all the pleasure possible to our escapes.

Spring holidays on the beach

Transmitting a taste for discovery

Far from being synonymous with withdrawal into oneself and one’s family, travel is an opening to others and the world.
The mini-caravan road-trip offers the experience of ‘travelling’ in the true sense of the word. Flying to the other side of the world can be done in twenty-four hours. However, once we reach our destination, the journey itself is over before it has even begun. So we no longer take the time to savour the pleasure, to take our eyes off the shore and anticipate the moment when we will see the earth again. The destination is all the more beautiful when we savour each stopover.

People often think that it is complicated or even impossible to go travelling with children. They get bored, preferring to stay several days in a campsite or hotel where they feel more at home.
An anecdote told by a TipToper illustrates this perfectly. During a trip to Spain before they adopted their TipTop, they asked their five-year-old son if he was happy to visit Spain. “Yes, but I’d rather see my little room again,” the little boy replied.

Since then, the family, understanding that the youngest ones need stable elements to feel safe, travels in a TipTop mini-caravan. The comfort and the possibility to bring the things that really matter are essential. Favourite toys, a few books and the little ones create their own space.

TipTop’s legendary teardrop offers the possibility of feeling at home, as if in a cocoon but with the essentials, immersed in a natural setting. A vehicle that is always the same, but a setting that changes at every moment.