5 must-see places to explore in France

In recent years, various border closures and restrictions have made us realise that France is full of breathtaking scenery and that you don’t have to travel for hours to see new landscapes. In this month of romantic getaways, we suggest five places to explore in France. La presqu’île de Crozon The Crozon peninsula is located […]

Femme avec enfant sur une plage en été

Can you take your children on a road trip? How to give them a taste for travel ?

Time for ourselves and for our children is the most precious thing in our lives. Busy with our professional careers and other demands, we don’t want to miss out on the essential: being close to our children, getting to know them and creating strong bonds. At TipTop Europe, we believe that family getaways are a […]

By TipTop and by bike!

The TipTop is not only a mini-caravan with a sleeping area and kitchen, but also a bike carrier, which is available as an option in the Original, or the load space in the Evolution. With this newfound simplicity, all that’s left to do is enjoy and discover the beautiful countryside !  Here are some ideas […]